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Anthill Defenders - every egg matters

An anthill is everything for its inhabitants. They will fight for it till their last breath.

Anthill Defenders is an addictive and colorful Tower Defense game with great animations and challenging difficulty.


  • Worker and Light Soldier - simple but very dedicated protectors
  • Heavy Soldier - two-handed warrior
  • Spitter - spits on three enemies simultaneously
  • Ranger - flying and attacking enemies continuously
  • Wizard - uses Ice, Fire and Poison damage depending on an enemy's resistance
  • Queen - attacks every enemy simultaneously
The game starts with two defenders and unlocks others after finishing the level. Each defender can be enhanced twice.

You can sell a defender at any time and buy another one.

At the end of each level you will have to defeat a powerful boss to unlock next level.

Anthill Defenders is a must have game for Tower Defense fans!

Main Menu Screen

Main Menu Screen

Main Menu Screen