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Electronics For Kids

Let your kid discover amazing world of Electronics. Connect circuits with easy drag and drop and snapping function - children love to use such an interface, they will learn it instantly. The application allows to understand how the circuit works, with simple predefined layouts - parallel and series.

Features of Electronics For Kids:

  • bulb light intensity depends on electric current amount
  • snapping elements to circuit
  • nice HD graphics
  • easy enough for toddlers
Elements : battery, bulb, switch, resistor, buzzer, adjustable resistor, wire Electronics For Kids is a great application for educational purposes or just for fun! Let your child learn it's very basics.
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Responsive image Shape Puzzle is a casual, cute shape matching game your child will love. Slide the puzzle pieces into place, take advantage of snapping feature.

Shape Puzzle features:

  • nine boards
  • cool snapping feature
  • nice snapping sound
  • high quality images of fruits and vegetables
  • easy enough for toddlers
  • Shape Puzzle is a great for educational purposes or just for fun, no doubt your kid will love it.
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