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Gam Collector


Gam Collector is a classic puzzle/arcade game!
Collect all jewels spread around level. Watch out for falling stones and traps. Use teleports to travel around the level. Discover six types of enemies, each having unique behavior and animations. Defeat them using power stone pushes or TNT. Design you own levels!, share them with other players!.

Features of the GamCollector:

  • beautiful graphics and smooth animations
  • intuitive Level Creator allowing you to create great levels with a pleasure
  • one-click Level Submitter. When you design the level, share it with others!

Detailed features description:

  • Level Creator is the feature allowing you to persist and play the level that you designed in the Level Editor. Levels created by users are located on the Local tab of the Level Chooser screen. Local level can be uploaded to the global repository using Level Submitter feature.
  • Level Submitter is the feature allowing you to share the level with the community. With one click your design gets World Wide.

Other players can play the submitted level by locating it on the Community tab of the Level Chooser screen.